We Prolong Our Private Sale!



I’m Christoph, CEO at CBDoken.


After building 4 Companies, I know, only one rule matters: run fast and break things.

An ICO is not different. I’m proud of our team, and what we achieved in the last months. And the closer we came to our ICO launch date, the longer the days have become. For two weeks now, we are in intensive talks with our lawyers and our community to clarify the nifty details for you. To launch a clean, safe ICO the European way.

The ICO law is new, often uncharted territory with different opinions depending on whom you ask. So it was a little bit more challenging than expected. The same applies to CBD. It is a fantastic product, with so many benefits. And we are proud of our quality and high standards, that set a new bar for CBD products.


Our Final Product:


To achieve an exact European product, and follow all the European regulations, we decided to improve also on the product side. Instead of an unprocessed base extract, we now present you a directly applicable CBD Hemp Seed Oil – ready to be used:


Christoph, CEO at CBDoken. We Prolong Our Private Sale

CBDoken Full Spectrum Oil, 10ml with 400mg CBD Full Spectrum


Why we switched to CBD Full Spectrum Oil


First, I want to thank you for all of your feedback on the project. There was a great interest in the product itself, and it proved to us, that the CBD market is one of the most exciting sectors currently existing. We choose the extract, as it is the base for every other CBD product. But then, most of you asked us “So what do I do now with the extract?”.

We saw the need from our community for something accessible and directly applicable to use. Thanks to our good network and our new production partner, we also made it possible to give you the same price benefits for this!


The final push: make it 100% legal


Extracts of Cannabis sativa L, in which cannabidinol (CBD) levels are higher than the CBD levels in the source Cannabis sativa L are novel food.

European Union, 2018


Our final product contains 3% CBD, and over 400mg in the Full Spectrum. Fulfilling the European Union regulations completely.


A Note to U.S. Investors…


CBDoken puts a Voucher Token on the Blockchain. Exactly like you would buy a voucher in a store. As we also sell the underlying CBD Oil, there is no difference.

But it is not our opinion that counts. In Europe, this is fine. But in the US, it seems the FinCen has currently unclear views about it. Therefore we currently need to suspend the U.S. Investors from buying Crypto-Vouchers on our page. Said that our final product is safe. You can order as much CBDoken Full Spectrum Oil as you want!


The nifty details: Extending the private sale


Due to this changes, we need quite some replanning.

To achieve this, we will continue with our private sale in August. This enables you to still join our Private Sale campaign for the best price available.

We contacted all existing backers, explaining to them the change. For sure, we love our backers and made sure that they get the best deal available. Additionally, all our backers will get a free sample of our final product. We will start sending it out this week. As you see, it is always good to back CBDoken. We care about you.

For all the future Updates, join our Mailing List. We will have some very exciting news coming up. That we still cannot fully communicate now. So stay tuned.