Types of CBD Products

Misinformation can masquerade as science, especially when it comes to CBD. Many people asked how to identify a premium quality CBD product since there are thousands of new white labelled products brought on the market day by day. To get rid of some of the confusion we came up with a list of our 5 most essential tips when it comes to buying CBD product: 


Statistics from The Hemp Business Journal estimate that by 2020, the total CBD market globally may hit an all time high of $2.1 billion. As more and more patients turn to natural remedies for their health issues we might continue to witness a surge in interest around CBD and a consequent spike in sales.

FDA approved as a medicine, early research has shown that CBD is:

  • Effective for pain management
  • Effective against inflammation
  • Neuro protective
  • A strong anti convulsant
  • A strong anti depressant
  • An anxiolytic
  • An antioxidant
  • An anti- psychotic
  • Has anti cancer effects

With these qualities, there is a lot of interest from pharmaceuticals around the globe and health enthusiasts in researching this wonder product. Below we shall be looking at the different types of CBD products in the market currently and perhaps help you decide which is the most ideal for you. We shall first look at three different kinds of CBD extracts.


1. Rick Simpson Oil (CBD from marijuana)


This was one of the earliest forms of CBD to hit the market which was developed by a Canadian marijuana enthusiast. It is a “whole plant” extract derived from the marijuana plant. Since it is not in isolate form, RSO contains a high level of THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana) while containing a small amount of CBD. As much as it has been shown to do many extra ordinary healing properties, patients have had to deal with the dramatic side effects from high levels of THC in RSO. This setback is perhaps what led to other forms of CBD extracts that contain more CBD and minimal THC to be investigated. RSO can only be purchased in legal marijuana dispensaries available in certain states.


2. CBD from industrial hemp


This CBD extract contains significantly higher levels of CBD and very little THC (under 0.3%). Derived from cannabis sativa L, the CBD is extracted in labs through chemical processes such as super critical carbon dioxide extraction and later tested for CBD levels and presence of impurities. Currently there are two forms of extracts from industrial hemp; CBD isolate and the full spectrum extract.


2a) CBD Isolate


The CBD isolate was very popular until recently when it was overtaken by the full spectrum extract. It is extracted from hemp oil which is refined to remove all other substances until the CBD is left in a crystalline form. This form of CBD is pure (99.9%) and does not contain other hemp compounds. Although it contains high levels of CBD, isolates have been shown to have a drastic bell curve effect which reduces the effect of the CBD over time. However, a number of pharmaceuticals have continued to focus on CBD isolate product because of the high CBD content they contain and the absolute lack of THC, thereby reducing side effects from the psychoactive compound. Isolates are also referred to as CBD concentrates and they are good when you want a high level of CBD per saving. CBD Crystals can be dabbed, made into a tincture, or taken as an edible by adding them to a high-fat food like butter or oil. When strain specific terpenes are added to an isolate, a terpsolate is born, giving the isolate some entourage properties.


2b) CBD full spectrum extract


A research by Hadassah University in Jerusalem concluded that when CBD is administered together with other hemp compounds such as terpenes and other endocannabinoids the resulting effects was more potent and long lasting. This is what is referred to as the entourage effect. Subsequent research has confirmed these results leading to a turn round in the CBD market, pharmaceuticals have been compelled to shift their focus to full spectrum extracts.
Full Spectrum Oil contains high amounts of CBD and also includes minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN together with terpenes, flavanoids and other nutrients.
As the CBD market has continued to evolve, isolates and full spectrum extracts have continued to be packaged into different forms to suit customer needs and preferences. Below, we shall be looking at the different CBD products currently in the market.


I. Tinctures


Tinctures are compositions of CBD oils dissolved in solvents such as alcohol, vegetable glycerine or vinegar. Tinctures are taken sublingually (drops placed under the tongue) and they were one of the oldest CBD preparations to surface in the market. The CBD drops could also be used to infuse meals and drinks. However, absorption is faster when the drops are placed under the tongue as this region is highly vascularized.


II. Edibles


Edibles are innovative ways of incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. Edibles come in many forms but the most common form is CBD gummies. Other edibles include fizzy drinks, granola bars and CBD teas. CBD edibles are popular because of ease of use and how they can be easily adapted to the user’s lifestyle. Edibles are able to mask the overpowering earthy taste of natural CBD. They can also be infused into smoothies, baked treats and snacks.
The bioavailability of edibles is not as high as other methods because the edible will have to go through the digestive process before it is absorbed. However they work well for chronic users who may get fatigued with using one method all the time.
If you are offered a CBD infused snack, be sure to confirm the amount of CBD in each bite. When preparing a CBD infused snack, remember that CBD is better absorbed with fatty bases as it is lipophillic. Also be aware that cannabinoids have a boiling point of around 160- 180 degrees, so make sure that baked goods bake below this temperature otherwise you may lose all your precious CBD in the process.


III. CBD Oil sprays


CBD oral sprays are a very convenient product to use. The spray is used sublingually just like tinctures and may come in many different flavors that the user can choose from.


IV. CBD topicals


The endocannabinoid syste includes receptors found on the skin making topical applications as effective as internal methods. CBD has been shown to have skin healing and skin rejuvenating properties. Preliminary research on CBD is indicative that it is effective against psoriasis and other skin inflammation conditions. CBD topical have been widely used for joint aches. The topical come in different formulations such as balms, salves and gels which are rubbed directly onto the skin


V. Vaping


Research has shown that inhaling CBD is one of the most effective methods of taking CBD with fastest results, this makes it a good product for pain management. To vape CBD, you will need a vape pen which you can purchase from CBD pharmaceuticals such as Pharmahemp. Then you will also need your CBD additive and an e-liquid to dissolve the additive. Or you could just purchase a vape juice that you will directly use in your vape pen. Some companies sell refillable cartridges that may be good for chronic users who don’t want to keep buying disposable cartridges.
When vaped, the CBD will go into the bloodstream and produce almost immediate effects in your body. In terms of speed this method is second only to intravenous infusion of CBD. It is also favorable due to the ease of use, vape pens are small trendy looking gadgets that can be used even in non smoking zones as the CBD is not heated to combustion point.


VI. CBD oil patches


Oil patches are similar to topical methods but may have higher concentrations of CBD,giving faster relief from symptoms. A patch will target a highly vascularized area meaning that the endocanabinoid will be absorbed directly into the blood stream. Ideally, a patch comes in the form of a medicated adhesive that is loaded with CBD and it is placed on the skin. The transdermal patch is able to deliver metered doses of the CBD directly into the blood stream. Though not as popular now, CBD patches may see an upward trend in the near future as more and more people turn to CBD for management of chronic pain.




CBD extracts can be made into wax which is inhaled as CBD vapor. As compared to vapes, dabs have higher concentrations of CBD. You will need a dab pen to consume this product and of course the dabbing wax which you can get a good quality full spectrum from Pharmahemp. The wax is heated by a coil in the dabbing pen and then vaped through a mouth piece on the pen. The heating turns the wax into a form that can be vaped through the nostrils.


VIII. CBD for pets


Mammals have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans and have also shown positive results with CBD for the relief and treatment of conditions. Hemp-derived CBD for pets has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-anxiety and anti-nausea qualities. CBD infused dog treats are common and come in form of snacks. You can also get sprays that can be used topically on the skin of pets.


IX. CBD beauty products


This is a new entry in the CBD market but may be popular soon considering the rapid growth in the beauty industry. CBD infused products in this niche include skin exfoliators, cleansers, skin moisturizers, toners, day and night serum and healing skin soaks.
As a newbie, you can experiment with different CBD products to see which works best for you. It is also good to carry out some research on the condition that you are trying to tackle with the CBD to help you determine which product works best for you. The ease of use, bioavailability, adaptability to your lifestyle, taste of product and your condition are all good pointers to the product that may be suitable for you. Also remember to go for quality CBD brands that have undergone third party certification as there a lot of fake brands out there. Once you have rested your hands on a good brand, the rest should not be as hard to determine going by the five principles mentioned above.


Lastly, Is CBD legal in the US?


Hemp derived CBD is legal in all fifty states and can be easily accessed from reputable pharmaceuticals. This is because of the absence of the psycho active compound THC that is found in marijuana. Marijuana derived CBD on the other hand can only be obtained in legalized marijuana dispensaries which are present in a few states.


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